Amber Macha

By Emelie Gulde

Senior Amber Macha loves her current role as the cougar band head drum major. However, unlike most members of the band, she was a former viola player.

“I remember going to each Tiger Football home game to watch my brother Anthony in the Mighty Band from Tigerland. I enjoyed playing viola and being in the CSMS varsity orchestra, but something about that band every Friday seemed to pull me away,” Macha said.

Macha signed up to be in orchestra in 5th grade, despite the fact that her parents thought she would be more interested in band. Three years later, Macha made the overriding decision to change musical groups when she quickly learned clarinet and joined band her eighth grade year.

“Immediately, I noticed a difference between band and orchestra that made me realize my decision was the right one.” Macha said.

Macha’s sophomore year, after the move from Tigerland to Cougar Nation, she made the decision to try out for drum major. Hesitant at first, Macha was not sure she was qualified for the job, but her peers made it clear to her that she was.

“Suddenly, I was thrown into the job of teaching inexperienced freshmen how to march, leading them in performances, and forming myself into someone worth respecting,” Macha said.

Being responsible for the development of new marching band members and being a late comer herself lead Macha to discover the fact that while people may come from different backgrounds and have different opinions, music can bring them together.

“I see music as a powerful force, a universal language, which can speak to everyone. It has the power to transform, create and inspire,” Macha said.

However, soon enough Macha may be embarking on another journey, as she hopes to become a member of the Fightin’ Aggie Band next year.

“To join the Aggie Band, you have to be in the corp, and that is a really tough program to be in. It is going to form me into a more responsible and better person as a whole,” Macha said.

While in just a couple weeks, the drum major of the cougar band will be leaving her band family, she hopes to often visit the place where she discovered the joy of music, and made some of her strongest connections.

“The strength of our band was each and every person in it,” she said.