Two jobs create organizational challenges

By Rachel Grant

Recently, after I started working for a local store in the mall, my job consumed most of my time, causing me to wonder if minimum wage is worth it.

What also complicates my situation is that I have a second job working for a private employer as her personal assistant (I basically do random chores for her).

I still have a hard time finding a balance between my two jobs. The dynamic between them is completely different. Having to transition from either job, sometimes in the same day, is very difficult for me because I follow the instructions of my manager at one, and can work on my own terms at the other.

A few weeks ago, I started feeling extremely overwhelmed with all of my responsibilities. I realized that I needed to get organized in order to have time for school work, two jobs, my family, boyfriend and friends.

After syncing my calendar with my moms,’ organizing my schedule and setting up work hours for that week, I felt very accomplished. The next week was nowhere nearly as organized.

I now just take it a day at a time and make sure my job schedules don’t overlap. This has proven to be a challenge for me, yet also pushes me to become more organized and responsible.

I have learned from having two jobs that it takes patience, organization and a lot of willingness to learn from my mistakes. In the end, hopefully it will all pay off when I am finally able to buy my own car for which I have worked so hard.