Freshmen participate in transportable ball spiking game

By Rachel Grant


They may not be the biggest or the most impressive, but four freshmen know how to make themselves stand out in a crowd of college kids by playing Spikeball.

“Basically, it’s like a hula hoop on small stilts, with a net hung over it tightly,” said freshman Brendon Olson. “There is a small orange sized, yellow rubber ball, and you spike the ball by hitting it with an open hand on to the net. The objective is to get it on the net, then back off the net, like an inverse volleyball.”

Recently, the group competed in a Texas A&M hosted Spikeball tournament where they were considered an average team when compared to their competition.

“The college players said we would be really good by the time we are their age because we were matching up with them pretty well,” freshman Joe Liu said.

Many people question the boys as to why they spend so much time playing this seemingly complex game.

“It is a pretty simple game,” freshman JT Eppes said. “The rules aren’t too confusing, it’s a lot of fun, it’s competitive, and it all comes apart. You put it in a bag, and you can bring it wherever you are.”
This group loves this game so much that they have even traveled in order to compete with other players.

“I’ve traveled to and competed in Houston,” Grant said. “It was entertaining, there were a lot of good guys there who did very well, and they thought we were good for our age.”

The boys consider the game to be laid back, yet they are not afraid to become aggressive in order to beat each other.

“Hanging out with my friends while playing is fun,” Liu said. “Sometimes it gets a little heated. There are some rivalries within our group, but it’s all good competition.”

Olsen agrees that Spikeball can become a tense situation between the friends, but is easy to get over after the game.

“It’s pretty relaxed, but it can get competitive,” Olson said. “My friends and I play it a lot, and we’ve gotten to the point where we’ve created our own hits and special styles, and it’s fun to play and compete with them.”

This whole game started with the boys youth leader from Grace Bible Church.

“My youth leader pulled it out of his trunk one day,” Grant said. “Then he asked if I wanted to show the guys inside how to play. After asking what it was, he said Spikeball. It’s like volleyball, but instead of hitting it over the net, you have to hit it on the net, it’s two on two, and there are three sets, just like volleyball.”

The introduction to the game left the boys a little different after they left their leader’s house that day. The game has influenced their lives and caused them to grow closer as friends.

“I like playing it because it builds up friendships,” Olson said, “and it forces us to rely on each other.”