Senior Post Player Unites Girls Basketball Team

By Courtney Sumlin

She’s been called the glue that holds the girls basketball team together. At 5-10, senior Alex Bowden is formidable on the court. Off the court, she’s the kind of person who makes a difference in the lives of her teammates.

“Alex is the type of player that every coach dreams of having,” said Allison Rackley, girls basketball assistant varsity coach. “She’s always positive, always hungry to practice and a real team player.”

Bowden is a role model for her peers. After winning both a defensive player of the year award and a Coach’s choice award, it’s no wonder she is praised by her teammates.

“She’s a neutralizer; she mellows everybody out,” senior Sydni Freeman said. “Her energy brings everybody together.”

Alex’s high energy and constant good attitude are the qualities that are brought up often when her teammates and peers are asked about her

“She’s really positive on the bench and in the game,” senior Savannah Lawrence said. “She keeps everybody’s spirits up, no matter what the score is.”

Bowden’s positive vibes are what hold the team together through the hard-fought wins and the tough losses.

“Her energy brings everybody together,” senior Jordie Wells said.

But this mellow vibe does not keep her from getting the job done on the court. As the current Defensive MVP, Alex is anything but complacent when she hits the gym.

“She’s really strong and her power shows in games,” Lawrence said.

This attitude impacts her teammates in all the right ways. Bowden makes a point to encourage other players to reach for more, both in practices and in games .

“She’s helped me a lot with becoming more aggressive when we work against each other every day in practice,” Freeman said.

Bowden’s ability to channel aggression on the court assists with her defensive efforts.

“My favorite part of basketball is playing defense because it’s 99 percent heart and 1 percent talent,” Bowden said. “You really have to dig deep playing defense no matter what the score is.”

This heart and ability to dig deep are what scored her the unique chance to play at the next level.

“I decided to play college basketball because I have a passion for the game. I am not ready to stop playing the game I love,” Bowden said on her choice to continue playing at the collegiate level at Concordia College next fall.

“I’m going to miss playing for my teammates and coaches,” Bowden said. “I know this will be the last year we will all be together.”

As the “glue” of the department, she will undoubtedly be missed at CSHS.

“Alex is irreplaceable in her effort, positivity and leadership on this team,” Rackley said.●