Girl Scout’s volunteer in leadership organization

By AJ Jones

When people think about the Girl Scouts, the first things that usually come to mind are cookies and badges. However, Girl Scouts is about more than selling cookies or earning badges. It’s an organization for young ladies to learn leadership skills while serving their community.

“When you’re older it turns into more than just earning silly little badges,” junior Grace Donovan said.

Another misconception about girl scouts is that it is only for younger girls. However, it’s offered until senior year of high school.

Donovan has been in Girl Scouts since kindergarten, which makes this her twelfth year as a scout. Since Donovan joined Girl Scouts, she has earned many badges and experienced a lot. She is now currently an ambassador, the level of scouts for high school junior and senior girls.

Donovan expressed how much girl scouts was about giving back to the community and how her troop does so. A tradition of her troop is to go to the food bank on the last day of the winter semester and make lunches for kids in the free lunch program.

Donovan also made lifelong friendships she has made with the girls in her troop.

Like Donovan, senior Jessica Brown talked about the friends she’s made during her 11 years as a scout. Brown joined Girl Scouts because she was new to the area and wanted to met new people.

Brown has earned many badges but also was awarded the bronze award for 12 hours of community service to help another girl scout achieve the gold award.

Over the years Brown has been a volunteer aide at a Girl Scout camp. As an aide, she helps the leader take care of the other girls.

Brown is also an ambassador and has developed money making skills and people skills that she will use for the rest of her life.

“Scouting has helped me grow as a young woman,” Brown said. “My social skills have blossomed, and I have a maturity level far beyond some of my peers because scouting has taught me how to be a grown woman.”

Like Brown, sophomore Kennedi Whittenton has been a volunteer aide at the same camp she went to as a young scout.

Whittenton has been a girl scout for seven years, she joined when she moved to College Station so she could meet some girls in the area. She is currently a cadet. Something that has stood out to her over the years is zip lining.

“I’m more outgoing and open to new things. [Zip lining] made me face a fear I never thought I would,” Whittenton said.

Senior Madeleine Ackerman has been a girl scout for 13 years and is currently an ambassador.

Ackerman expressed similiar sentiment as the other girls such as her appreciation for learning lifelong skills and making friends.

She’s participated in volunteer projects and been a volunteer aide as well.

What stood out about Ackerman was her acceptance for a destination trip. Ackerman will be traveling to Spain with the organization.

“It’s another great way to be involved in the community, and it’s given me lifelong friendships,” Donovan said. ●