Senior helps team charge into basketball playoffs

By Alex Miller

Senior Collin Lawson looks to pass the ball in the game against Consol on Feb. 3. The Cougars won the close game 50-48, eliminating the Tigers from playoff contention. The Cougars face Willis tonight at 6:30 P.M. Seniors will be honored before the game. Photo by Alex Miller.

Senior Collin Lawson may not be the star of the boys basketball team, but he knows that his role on the team is essential to their ongoing success.

“I’m more of a role player, I go and do the jobs my coaches ask of me,” Lawson said. “I’m not going to go out and try to prove a point. I just go and do what I’m told.”

Lawson’s different roles have shown in many ways this year, as he does almost everything while on the court.

“He is always left with the task to defend people taller than him because he is our tallest player,” assistant coach Kenny Boren said. “That is always a challenge for him and he usually succeeds at at.”

Listed at 6’4”, Lawson is a natural shooter on offense, where he plays guard. On defense, however, he has to adapt to playing down low to help the team with his height.

“I definitely help get rebounds down low,” Lawson said. “I have to guard bigger guys on defense to free up the guards.”

Lawson may not lead the team in scoring or rebounds, but by leading the team in charges drawn with 43 for the season, he helps provide pivotal momentum swings in games.

“We call [charges] Purple Hearts,” Boren said. “If you go in the locker room, you can see a big poster for them, and if you look up at it, Collin has the most Purple Hearts across the board.”

Lawson has made many improvements to his game in his three years at CSHS, which has led to his current success on the court.

“I have seen a drastic change in him,” head coach JD Sullivan said. “He bought into the system, changed his shooting mechanics, and made the greatest progress in his shooting percentage.”

Going from a valuable backup on varsity his sophomore year, Lawson knew his hard work would soon pay off as he became a starter his junior year and even received all-district votes.

“When I was at Consol, I hardly ever played,” Lawson said. “Then I came here and began doing more drills with Coach Sullivan, and I became better all-around especially with my decision making and feel for the game just by playing so much more basketball.”

Following the loss at Bryan, Lawson said the team made a pact to not lose another game. So far, their plan has gone almost perfectly as the team has rallied off a 6-2 record since then, which has set them up to finish as high as second and as low as third in district.

With one last run for Lawson and the rest of the seniors, it seems they have their game plan to keep their high school careers going a little longer.

“We’re going to take it one step at a time and see how far we can make it into the playoffs.” Lawson said.