Pledge of allegiance

By Derek Witzenman

There was a time when the pledge of allegiance sent chills down our backs, but now it’s mostly being brushed off or mocked. In an age where government rollback is on the minds of most Americans, the youth in our public school system either unintentionally disrespect the pledge or openly refuse to recite it.

With no religion being the biggest growing demographic of all religions, the “one nation, under god” phrase of the pledge may leave many unsure about such a commitment. I, myself, rarely gave much thought to the phrase. When I said it, it wasn’t out of religion or for our government. I said it out of respect to the countless people both known and unknown that contributed to creating and maintaining our country. It is true that our nation is a secular one, as promised by the first amendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

And so, it is at the discretion of the citizen to recite it or not. But the only problem is because of that phrase, occupying only four out of the 31 words, they miss the forest for the trees. The other 27 words explain that our country was established by the people. That the people have a right to govern themselves through representation. With,”liberty and justice for all”.

After the pledge there’s the moment of silence, traditionally being reserved for prayers. When I hear Sam Morris announce the moment of silence, I think of only one thing: all the people who both built and protected our country and its freedoms.

Those people who, so long ago, shaped the foundations of this nation for the sole purpose of the future prosperity of the individual. To all who have, in times of crisis, rose up ready to defend their freedom facing death for the betterment of us or others. And those people who saw the line “and the republic for which it stands” as truth, changing the country as it ages to better protect our citizens.

Such a thing as this should be revered and remembered, not ridiculed or disrespected.