Amber Macha


Senior Amber Macha loves her current role as the cougar band head drum major. However, unlike most members of the band, she was a former viola player. “I remember going to each Tiger Football home game to watch my brother Anthony in the Mighty Band from Tigerland. I enjoyed playing viola and being in the CSMS varsity orchestra, but something about that band every Friday seemed to pull me away,” Macha said. Macha signed up to be in orchestra in 5th grade, despite the fact that her parents thought she would be more interested in band. Three years later, Macha […]

May 20, 2015

Mormon youth find unity in faith


It’s 6:45 in the morning. At a church, about 20 Latter-Day Saints, more commonly known as Mormons, are studying scriptures from the Bible and the Book of Mormon. “It’s a sacrifice, but it helps me start off my day right,” senior Kailee Kema said. The Mormon youth attend seminary, a program to learn more about their faith and beliefs, and this gathering helps members solidify their values to explain their religion to others. One common misconception is that its members are not Christians. “I just clarify to them that we are Christian,” freshman Brandon Aguilar said. “Other churches don’t always […]


Freshmen participate in transportable ball spiking game


They may not be the biggest or the most impressive, but four freshmen know how to make themselves stand out in a crowd of college kids by playing Spikeball. “Basically, it’s like a hula hoop on small stilts, with a net hung over it tightly,” said freshman Brendon Olson. “There is a small orange sized, yellow rubber ball, and you spike the ball by hitting it with an open hand on to the net. The objective is to get it on the net, then back off the net, like an inverse volleyball.” Recently, the group competed in a Texas A&M […]

February 18, 2015

Duet for the Show- Leads in musical hit stage for first time


On opening night of “Annie Get Your Gun,” the dressing rooms were a flurry with excitement. Voices buzzed, music blared and actors applied the stacks of makeup necessary for the stage. Among the commotion of backstage, freshman and female lead of the musical Emma Krajicek went through the motions of mentally preparing herself for her first stage performance in high school. “You better know your lines or Stanley will scream at you. Emma don’t screw this up. Don’t mess up the names. Don’t laugh when I’m not supposed to,” said Krajicek to herself. Just across the room senior and male […]


Ready, set, teach!


Although classes are typically taught by teachers, there is one class that allows the students to be in charge. Run by Jennifer Gosselin, Ready Set Teach instructs students on how to become teachers. “[Ready Set Teach] is an opportunity to learn what teachers do and a chance to work in the classroom with students,” Gosselin said. There are four students currently enrolled in the class, and they meet every day during first and second period. “I like it because you can experience teaching hands on before you go into college, so you know if it’s something you really want to […]


Cycling enthusiasts launch mountain biking club


At a grand total of four members, the mountain biking club is, by all standards, small. Most of its members haven’t biked competitively before this year. However, the newly-founded club is not letting that deter them. “I think it’s kind of cool to be the first generation of College Station High School’s mountain bike team,” junior Mason Ouren said. “I like the fact that we, as a team, are getting this started for years [afterward].” Since the club is just getting started and is mainly comprised of relatively new bikers, the upcoming competitions will be a challenge. But, the thrill […]


Music fanatics explore world of shows, performances

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Bright lights beckon the crowd. The entire area silences before the noise erupts. Then everything amplifies. The screams. The writhing dances. The chaotic energy of being there. With these people. With this band. With this energy. Lost in the music of this moment. Despite the distance or the cost, that magic of a concert captivates people to immerse themselves in the concert scene. “I absolutely love the energy,” said sophomore Scout Hartlage, who enjoys concerts featuring artists such as  One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer, said. “There is nothing in the world like the feeling you get when the […]

Girl Scout’s volunteer in leadership organization


When people think about the Girl Scouts, the first things that usually come to mind are cookies and badges. However, Girl Scouts is about more than selling cookies or earning badges. It’s an organization for young ladies to learn leadership skills while serving their community. “When you’re older it turns into more than just earning silly little badges,” junior Grace Donovan said. Another misconception about girl scouts is that it is only for younger girls. However, it’s offered until senior year of high school. Donovan has been in Girl Scouts since kindergarten, which makes this her twelfth year as a […]

Teen pregnancy


  When her alarm rings at 5:00 a.m., senior Kayla Salazar knows hitting snooze is no longer an option. Since the birth of her son, Landon, her morning routine has become complicated. “I have to get him up, feed him breakfast, and get him ready for daycare before I even get dressed,” Salazar said. “I drop him at daycare by eight, and then I drive to school and spend most of the day yawning and trying to accomplish as much as possible in every class.” While most students have their afternoons and evenings available for homework and activities, Salazar fills […]

January 26, 2015


Longboards offer relaxing alternative to traditional skateboards


“Sidewalk surfing” is what it’s sometimes called, and for good reason. When longboarding started in states like Hawaii and California, it appealed mostly to surfers who turned to longboards on days when surfing wasn’t possible. But longboarding has since expanded to be more than just a surfing substitute, and it’s spread everywhere—including to College Station. “My friends started taking an interest in it, so that kind of rubbed off on me,” junior Garrett Wilson said. “I tried it, and it was really fun. Eventually, I invested in my own longboard.” A longboard is essentially a larger version of a skateboard, […]

January 22, 2015