The Art of Henna


The intricate patterns curl up the arm in an array of designs. It stains the skin a dark reddish brown color, but also does more than that. Henna is a form of beauty and confidence. “Henna is graffiti for the Middle Eastern people; it’s a way of art and expression,” sophomore Anjali Dhanani said. Henna, also known as mehndi, is a type of paste made from crushing the leaves of a henna tree. Dating back over 5,000 years, it originated in the Middle East. First used as a cooling method, it became a form of art after people saw the […]

February 18, 2015

Better Than the Rest


Standing in a uniform semi-circle, the five members of the vocal ensemble “Lookin’ Sharp” are poised and ready to sing. At choir director Kearby Ethredge’s cue, the girls begin to sing. With a mixture of doo-wops and hums where the singers work together to create the back-ups for the a cappella singing group. The premiere year of “Lookin’ Sharp” got off to a bumpy start, it has blossomed into a class that allows the young singers to expand their musical tastes and vocal abilities. “Since the beginning of this school’s choir, we’ve always wanted to have an ensemble where we […]

January 26, 2015