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Two jobs create organizational challenges


Recently, after I started working for a local store in the mall, my job consumed most of my time, causing me to wonder if minimum wage is worth it. What also complicates my situation is that I have a second job working for a private employer as her personal assistant (I basically do random chores for her). I still have a hard time finding a balance between my two jobs. The dynamic between them is completely different. Having to transition from either job, sometimes in the same day, is very difficult for me because I follow the instructions of my […]

February 18, 2015


Freshmen participate in transportable ball spiking game


They may not be the biggest or the most impressive, but four freshmen know how to make themselves stand out in a crowd of college kids by playing Spikeball. “Basically, it’s like a hula hoop on small stilts, with a net hung over it tightly,” said freshman Brendon Olson. “There is a small orange sized, yellow rubber ball, and you spike the ball by hitting it with an open hand on to the net. The objective is to get it on the net, then back off the net, like an inverse volleyball.” Recently, the group competed in a Texas A&M […]