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Mobile app craze sweeps through students, faculty


All that boys’ basketball coach and geography teacher Kenneth Boren will say about how much he’s spent on Clash of Clans is that it’s “a lot.” The app, a freemium strategy game on iOS and Android, is only one of dozens of apps that have gained popularity both in the app stores and in the halls of CSHS. Students and faculty alike are hooked on these viral games for their often addictive qualities. “Clash is an extremely strategic and fun game that takes time to get good at,” senior Ali Charara said. “The more time you put into it, the […]

May 20, 2015


Cycling enthusiasts launch mountain biking club


At a grand total of four members, the mountain biking club is, by all standards, small. Most of its members haven’t biked competitively before this year. However, the newly-founded club is not letting that deter them. “I think it’s kind of cool to be the first generation of College Station High School’s mountain bike team,” junior Mason Ouren said. “I like the fact that we, as a team, are getting this started for years [afterward].” Since the club is just getting started and is mainly comprised of relatively new bikers, the upcoming competitions will be a challenge. But, the thrill […]

February 18, 2015


Longboards offer relaxing alternative to traditional skateboards


“Sidewalk surfing” is what it’s sometimes called, and for good reason. When longboarding started in states like Hawaii and California, it appealed mostly to surfers who turned to longboards on days when surfing wasn’t possible. But longboarding has since expanded to be more than just a surfing substitute, and it’s spread everywhere—including to College Station. “My friends started taking an interest in it, so that kind of rubbed off on me,” junior Garrett Wilson said. “I tried it, and it was really fun. Eventually, I invested in my own longboard.” A longboard is essentially a larger version of a skateboard, […]

January 22, 2015