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Teenage relationships merit respect


I always get overwhelmingly annoyed when I am in a situation where adults try to minimize my emotions or struggles because I am a teenager. Sure, I’m young. Sure, these problems probably won’t even be relevant to my life in a year, let alone into adulthood, but that does not mean my tribulations can be brushed off with a smile and semi-sympathetic pat on the back. The relationships we as high schoolers form now are exceedingly important to the development of ourselves for the future. The friendships I have made and detached myself from within the past five years have […]

February 18, 2015

Duet for the Show- Leads in musical hit stage for first time


On opening night of “Annie Get Your Gun,” the dressing rooms were a flurry with excitement. Voices buzzed, music blared and actors applied the stacks of makeup necessary for the stage. Among the commotion of backstage, freshman and female lead of the musical Emma Krajicek went through the motions of mentally preparing herself for her first stage performance in high school. “You better know your lines or Stanley will scream at you. Emma don’t screw this up. Don’t mess up the names. Don’t laugh when I’m not supposed to,” said Krajicek to herself. Just across the room senior and male […]

Better Than the Rest


Standing in a uniform semi-circle, the five members of the vocal ensemble “Lookin’ Sharp” are poised and ready to sing. At choir director Kearby Ethredge’s cue, the girls begin to sing. With a mixture of doo-wops and hums where the singers work together to create the back-ups for the a cappella singing group. The premiere year of “Lookin’ Sharp” got off to a bumpy start, it has blossomed into a class that allows the young singers to expand their musical tastes and vocal abilities. “Since the beginning of this school’s choir, we’ve always wanted to have an ensemble where we […]

January 26, 2015