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Amber Macha


Senior Amber Macha loves her current role as the cougar band head drum major. However, unlike most members of the band, she was a former viola player. “I remember going to each Tiger Football home game to watch my brother Anthony in the Mighty Band from Tigerland. I enjoyed playing viola and being in the CSMS varsity orchestra, but something about that band every Friday seemed to pull me away,” Macha said. Macha signed up to be in orchestra in 5th grade, despite the fact that her parents thought she would be more interested in band. Three years later, Macha […]

May 20, 2015

Advice to younger siblings rehashes lessons learned


I’m a freshman. That comes with a bit of stress. Some upperclassmen would say I won’t know what stress is until I have this teacher or that class or those grades. But this is what I know now. I came into high school unprepared, and uncertain. I want to eliminate some of that uncertainty for my three younger siblings. I have two little sisters named Katherine and Colleen, whom I think are the most adorable girls on the planet. They enjoy writing notes on my mirror when I’m not at home and eating cake. I have one brother named Jonathan […]

Printed books hold value over electronic versions


About two years ago, I bought a Kindle. Like most people, I thought it could save me some time, money and space. So, why is it gathering dust in a corner of my room right now? Ereaders certainly have their advantages. They’re light, portable, and can store more than one book at a time, for a lower price than paper books. What if I told you that the disadvantages of reading from a screen outnumbered the advantages? People, and even books themselves, talk about a time when the bound story will be dead. Logically, it makes sense. In a time […]

February 18, 2015

Camryn Lifting

Freshman powerlifter takes first at second meet


Powerlifting is a sport that is often overlooked and categorized as a filler for off-season athletes, but no one should underestimate the power of a lifter. Camryn Riggins is a freshman, and based off at her placement at her first two meets, already she is a winner. “Camryn is focused on what she needs to do to achieve her goals,” said Julie Riggins, Camryn’s mom. Powerlifting is its own kind of sport, because athletes are competing against themselves and trying to lift their absolute maximum. Individual scores do not affect the entire team as they do in other sports. “It’s […]