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Junior Tell Ward competes against a Waller wrestler at the Cougar 6-Way Tournament on Jan. 24. Ward went 3-1 in the home meet. Photo by Clarissa Parulian

Wrestlers advance to regional tournament


Giant mats cover the floor, and the room releases an energy filled with determination, intensity and sweat. Teammates from all around shout pointers and encouragement to the wrestlers, and each match is followed by the classic raised hand of victory. Wrestling at CSHS started small, yet with each year, its numbers and experience grows. Senior Brianna White joined the team her freshman year before track season. “You’ll never run enough to be fit for wrestling,” White said. “Wrestling is a whole new type of fitness. It takes more of your whole body than just different parts. We definitely sweat a […]

March 24, 2015

Student-founded charity sends books to China


His dirt-smeared cheeks lift as he smiles at holding his very own book. Small hands trace the black lettering of the cover and stop at the picture. It cracks open, and he smells, for the first time, that fresh scent of a library. When picturing China, the words “heavily populated” and “economic powerhouse” come to mind. What doesn’t exactly come to mind is poverty, let alone the need for books and supplies, but there is a lot of space for it in the vast country. While we live on the other side of the world, there are certainly ways to […]

January 26, 2015