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Sophomores Danna Bader and Ariel Simien consult with one another about their opponent’s negative case after their first debate at the district meet on Jan. 31. This is the first year for College Station’s cross examination debate team to have the full amount of CX teams to compete in district.  Photo by Brianna Aguilar.

Cross Examination debaters strive for success in district meet


This was the first year. The first year for all the cross examination spots to be filled and for College Station High School to fight for success in CX. Each team brought something invaluable and different to this year’s debate team—wit, humor, passion, intensity. Yet, what made these unique teams unite even further and develop a love for the hard and demanding realm of CX was perseverance, perseverance to keep succeeding. “We would see the CX kids walk by with their boxes and cases, in slow motion, and wind blowing in their hair, and know they are the cool kids, […]

February 18, 2015

Social Media


Karley Lindsey, a photography Instagrammer with 14,000 devoted followers, loved the ability to share her photography talents with those all around the world, but with a consequence—only being known for her amount of followers. “I didn’t want to be defined by having thousands of followers on Instagram and I didn’t want people to look at me differently because I had that.” Christian DeNolan, a quirky Youtuber shares his artistic side by crafting together funny videos for all to see, but he also came to face a consequence—everyone from our school can see his videos and that can make way for […]

January 26, 2015