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GPA inaccurately measures knowledge


Throughout our high school careers we are defined by our grades, class rank, and GPA. Three numbers that that are constantly changing, is it fair to measure someone’s intelligence and capability based on these three things? As I listen to my peers, the question to ask seems to be, “what’s your GPA?” Just because person one’s GPA is lower than the person two’s does not mean that they are any less smart. The reason I believe grades and GPA are an inaccurate way to decide someone’s intelligence and abilities is because of the different ways people obtain information as well […]

May 20, 2015

Senior catcher leads softball team to playoffs


As the eyes of the field, watching and calling plays while motivating her team, senior Alyssa Vega embraces her role as the catcher for the varsity Lady Cougar softball team. “Softball is a fun, aggressive and mentally tough game,” Vega said. Vega has been playing softball for many years. She started playing t-ball when she was six years old and went on to play for multiple teams. She even was able to go to the softball World Series when she played for the Bryan Cobras. She currently plays for the Lady Cougars and has been a part of the team […]

Childhood abandonment damages sense of security


December 30, 2002, was the most important day of my life. That was the day I was adopted by the Jones family. I was two years old and leaving my grandparents whom I had been living with during the adoption process and it was hard to transition into what the rest of the world considered normal. The memories I have from that time have become jumbled and confusing. I do not know what a 100% is true or what my mind has made up over the years. My adopted family only knows so much, and I only see my real […]

February 18, 2015

Girl Scout’s volunteer in leadership organization


When people think about the Girl Scouts, the first things that usually come to mind are cookies and badges. However, Girl Scouts is about more than selling cookies or earning badges. It’s an organization for young ladies to learn leadership skills while serving their community. “When you’re older it turns into more than just earning silly little badges,” junior Grace Donovan said. Another misconception about girl scouts is that it is only for younger girls. However, it’s offered until senior year of high school. Donovan has been in Girl Scouts since kindergarten, which makes this her twelfth year as a […]