Mobile app craze sweeps through students, faculty

All that boys’ basketball coach and geography teacher Kenneth Boren will say about how much he’s spent on Clash of Clans is that it’s “a lot.” The app, a freemium strategy game on iOS and Android, is only one of dozens of apps that have gained popularity both in the app stores and in the halls of CSHS. Students and faculty alike are hooked on these viral games for their [...]

Availability of fast food impacts student eating habits

Nationwide, fast food has become a bad habit that can affects one’s health, energy levels, and money, yet many underestimate its impact on lives because of how portions have grown four times larger since 1950s. “Fast foods are not adequate enough because portions are too big, the nutritional value is poor, but they’re cheap and there’s a lot of it,” Coach Robert Ondrasek said. These dead calories, artificial ingredients, sugar, [...]

Cross Examination debaters strive for success in district meet

Sophomores Danna Bader and Ariel Simien consult with one another about their opponent’s negative case after their first debate at the district meet on Jan. 31. This is the first year for College Station’s cross examination debate team to have the full amount of CX teams to compete in district.  Photo by Brianna Aguilar.This was the first year. The first year for all the cross examination spots to be filled and for College Station High School to fight for success in CX. Each team brought something invaluable and different to this year’s debate team—wit, humor, passion, intensity. Yet, what made these unique teams unite even further and develop a love for the hard and demanding realm of CX was perseverance, perseverance to keep [...]


The Art of Henna

KalindiThe intricate patterns curl up the arm in an array of designs. It stains the skin a dark reddish brown color, but also does more [...]

Better Than the Rest

Standing in a uniform semi-circle, the five members of the vocal ensemble “Lookin’ Sharp” are poised and ready to sing. At choir director Kearby Ethredge’s [...]


Sophomore track athlete breaks stereotypes, records

Photo by Kaylah Cook by Alina DhananiA sharp, loud silence reverberates through the air as a constant sense of commotion surrounds the atmosphere. With eyes shut closed in the anticipation of [...]

Senior catcher leads softball team to playoffs

As the eyes of the field, watching and calling plays while motivating her team, senior Alyssa Vega embraces her role as the catcher for the [...]

Baseball team no-hits Waco, advances to area round

The baseball team began their quest to defend their state championship Friday night by defeating the Waco Lions 8-0 in the bi-district playoff game in [...]


Amber Macha

Senior Amber Macha loves her current role as the cougar band head drum major. However, unlike most members of the band, she was a former [...]

Mormon youth find unity in faith

It’s 6:45 in the morning. At a church, about 20 Latter-Day Saints, more commonly known as Mormons, are studying scriptures from the Bible and the [...]

Freshmen participate in transportable ball spiking game

nathanThey may not be the biggest or the most impressive, but four freshmen know how to make themselves stand out in a crowd of college [...]

Student Life

The Story of Cougar Spirit

drumlineGetting Started Last year, Eagle Sports Editor Larry Bowen wrote a criticizing article entitled “Be classy, Cougar Raggies.” The story detailed “offensive” fan behavior taking [...]


Advice to younger siblings rehashes lessons learned

I’m a freshman. That comes with a bit of stress. Some upperclassmen would say I won’t know what stress is until I have this teacher [...]

GPA inaccurately measures knowledge

Throughout our high school careers we are defined by our grades, class rank, and GPA. Three numbers that that are constantly changing, is it fair [...]

Musical taste clashes with popular culture

On the night of August 15, 1998, my mom found that it was particularly hard to fit her favorite Queensrÿche T-shirt over her seven-month pregnant [...]